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Genealogical Society

Washington County history

Take a guided tour around Washington county for the experience of a lifetime. We are happy to introduce you to our landscape and the history of the making of the town. Join the program today for weekend programs.

Genealogy and History in Washington County

Genealogy History

We are keen on providing the right information to educate the people in our society about Washington county’s history.

Program Schedule

Our expert tour guides will take you around the local streets to introduce you to the local food and culture of the people.


We are a non-profit organization that is dedicated to creating awareness among the local citizens while providing opportunities for them.

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Find the right legal and social information and news about Washington county. Subscribe to the newsletter for all information and upcoming event plans.

Congressional Medal Of Honor Recipients

Visit our history museum to learn about all the heroes that built our beautiful county.

Pioneer Families of Southwestern Pennsylvania

Get quick access to the records of the members of our society. Learn about the families that have helped the county grow.

We discover and preserving information about their families

Our non-profit community is helping our people in receiving the right legal and medical assistance they need. Our goals are dedicated to protecting the values of our community. Special thanks to garage floor epoxy las vegas for helping out.

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