Reed Family and Others

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One of the first organizations in the village was the Midway Volunteer Fire Department. Its early equipment, other than the well-known" Bucket Brigade", was the hand pumper which was pulled by the firemen.

Some say it was in 1910, and some say 1912, that the first piece of mechanical fire equipment was purchased. It consisted of a hand-drawn hose reel and pump and two hand-drawn chemical units. The men ranged themselves before it, taking hold of the long ropes with which it was pulled. Eight men were needed to properly man the device. The pump operated on the same principal as the old-fashioned hand-car used on the railroad, the men shoving up and down on the wide handles. The men were able to pump up enough pressure to shoot a stream 70 feet


From the collection of John D. Reed, member, Genealogical Society of Southwestern Pennsylvania.


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