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Newkirk Church is now King of the Hill Restaurant. The Newkirk Cemetery is well mainained.

Newkirk Methodist Church

(Pigeon Creek Methodist Church)

"The earliest details of the Newkirk Church are lost in history. Some evidence suggests that the organization existed as early as 1784, making it one of the very first established Methodist churches west of the Alleghenies. It is known that the current brick building was constructed in 1836 on land donated by Cyrus Newkirk and William Niblack. The church was dismantled within a few years and moved some distance uphill to its present location one mile north of Bentleyville bordering the westbound lanes of Interstate Route 70. Major renovations were completed in 1953 during the pastoral service of Reverend Carl Sphar, a son of the church."

Source: Documents courtesy of the Bentleyville Historical Society.

ANCESTRAL CHURCHES written by Grace Methodist Church after the merger of Clover Hill, Newkirk, and Ebenezer Churches. On August 3, 1963, the three churches were incorporated as Grace Methodist Church.

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