Covered Bridges of Washington County

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Stream          Templeton Fork of Wheeling Creek
Truss Type      Queenpost
Length          67 ft., 6 in.
Width           11 ft., 10 in.
Builder         unknown
Year            unknown
Ownership       County


A well-secluded bridge along a gravel township road, the Longdon is a rather long Queenpost truss structure that has four wooden trestle supports under its deck. This bridge has vertical plank siding and portals that are painted barn red and a tin-covered gable roof. It has a deck of crosswise planking, and there are three rectangular windows on each side, one at each end and one in the center, in addition to narrow eave openings. It rests on cut stone-and-mortar abutments that have been extended to form short stone-and-mortar wingwalls, one of which is capped with concrete. In recent years its trussing has been supported by bracing.

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