Covered Bridges of Washington County

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Stream          Templeton Fork of Wheeling Creek
Truss Type      Kingpost
Length          24 ft., 6 in.
Width           12 ft., 19 in.
Builder         unknown
Year            unknown
Ownership       County


With its vertical plank siding and tin covered gable roof, the Plants Bridge typifies the style of other bridges in Washington County. Painted barn red inside and out, it has a deck of crosswise planking and two rectangular windows on each side. Resting on stone-and-mortar abutments that extend into short wingwalls is the only reinforcement under the deck. It is supported entirely by the Kingpost truss system. Although the exact year of the construction is unknown, it is thought to be built by Leonard Plants sometime after 1880. Leonard left his home to apprentice as a carpenter and shortly thereafter was hired on the National Road. After his father's death in 1880, he returned home and turned the once unproductive land into a successful farm.

Given Leonard's background as a carpenter and considering the improvements he made to the farm upon his return, he is most likely the builder of the Plants Covered Bridge.

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