Covered Bridges of Washington County

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Stream          Mingo Creek
Truss Type      Queenpost
Length          36 ft.
Width           12 ft., 4 in.
Builder         unknown
Year            c.1881
Ownership       County


Well-known in Washington County, the Henry Bridge has little known of its actual origin. The Henry has vertical board siding on both the sides and portals, is painted barn red inside and out, and has a tin-covered gable roof. Two square windows are located on the sidewalls as well as narrow eave openings. It also has a deck of crosswise planking and moderate length stone-and-mortar wingwalls capped with concrete. The cut-stone abutments of this Queenpost truss bridge are braced by concrete supports.

The Henry's location in Mingo Creek Park and its participation in the annual Covered Bridge Festival make it a local favorite. Because of its location within the park, it is a heavily-traveled bridge. Consequently, the deck of the bridge has been reinforced with five steel "I" beams that rest on the concrete abutments.

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