Covered Bridges of Washington County

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Stream          South Fork of Maple Creek
Truss Type      Queenpost
Length          32 ft.
Width           14 ft.
Builder         unknown
Year            unknown
Ownership       County


The Ebenezer Bridge is one of the most well known covered bridges in Washington County today. Ironically, however, almost nothing is known of the origins of the Ebenezer. The Ebenezer was moved to Mingo Creek Park in 1977 and placed on the abutments of an earlier bridge. Alterations had to be made to the structure of the bridge to incorporate it into the landscape. The revised structure resembles an old style train caboose when approaching the bridge from the side. Otherwise, it is very similar in style to the county's other covered bridges.

The Ebenezer is covered with vertical board siding on the sides and portals, is painted barn red both inside and out, has a sheet metal roof and deck of crosswise planking, and has two rectangular windows on each side, with fairly wide eave openings. The deck is heavily reinforced with five steel "I" beams which, in turn, rest on the original abutments reinforced with concrete. The Ebenezer also has long cut stone-and-mortar wingwalls that are capped off with concrete.

Part of the reason for the popularity of the Ebenezer is its location in Mingo Creek County Park and its participation in the yearly Covered Bridge Festival. This bridge is still in use to vehicular traffic.

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