Covered Bridges of Washington County

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Stream          Brush Run
Truss Type      Queenpost
Length          13 ft.
Width           12 ft.
Builder         unknown
Year            unknown
Ownership       County


This Washington County bridge is tucked away in a remote, quiet valley along a gravel township road. This bridge of Queenpost design spans Brush Run and is the shortest covered bridge in the county. Although the year of the bridge's construction is unknown, there is an inspection record which traced the maintenance of the Lyle from 1915 until sometime in the mid-1930s. According to this record, the county made repairs to this bridge of typical Washington County design, with its vertical plank siding and tin-covered gable roof, in 1920. This bridge also has a deck of crosswise planking, three windows on each side, in addition to the fairly wide eave openings. The entire structure rests on stone-and-mortar abutments which have been extended to form short wingwalls. The deck of the bridge appears to be sagging and is supported with two heavy timber trestles that are placed equidistant from each end. Some of the barn red vertical board siding is missing on the sides and portals.

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