Covered Bridges of Washington County

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Stream          Small Ravine
Truss Type      Kingpost
Length          24 ft.
Width           12 ft., 3 in.
Builder         unknown
Year            unknown
Ownership       County


The Devil's Den, McClurg Bridge is covered on its sides and portals with barn red vertical plank siding and is pierced on each side by three rectangular windows, as well as the eave opening. The Devil's Den bridge also has a roof of cedar shakes and a deck of crosswise planking. It rests on stone-and-mortar abutments with short stone-and-mortar wingwalls, and has an additional U shaped vertical timber support under the middle of the deck that rests in the ravine.

This covered bridge has two commonly used names. Devil's Den was taken from a cave which is hidden behind a waterfall near where the bridge used to stand that is known locally as the Devil's Den. The second name, McClurg, is from the family that owned the land around where the bridge originally stood.

In 1952, of this bridge's Kingpost construction, only the original weatherboard remained. Today it is unknown how much, if any, of the original siding remains. The County moved the bridge in 1987 from its original location over King's Creek, just north of Paris in the northwest corner of the county, to its present location over a small dry ravine in Hanover Township Park where it remains today. The Devil's Den, McClurg Bridge is part of the annual Covered Bridge Festival. This bridge is only open to foot traffic.

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