Covered Bridges of Washington County

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Stream          Crosses Ravine
Truss Type      Kingpost
Length          30 ft., 6 in.
Width           15 ft.
Builder         unknown
Year            1870
Ownership       Private


Although built in 1870, this bridge is unique to the area because of its later arrival on Washington County's soil in 1962. With a vertical plank siding, gable roof, this bridge was originally located in Greene County over Toms Run in Gilmore Township. In 1962, Albert Miller moved the bridge into Meadowcroft Village, a 19th century town recreated as a tourist attraction with many buildings original to the period. This is the only covered bridge that is not original to Washington County. Although similar in color to the other bridges, it differs in style. In addition to the roof which is made of asphalt shingles, it also has a different portal design. The interior walls remain unpainted revealing several old advertisements. Resting on stone abutments that have been laid dry, it has large, cut-stone slabs at each end where typically the wingwalls would be. This bridge is also a participant in the annual Covered Bridge Festival.

Even more interesting is the sign posted over the Pine Bank Bridge:


1 carriage or sleigh drawn by 4 horses      $.25
If drawn by two horses                      $.15
If drawn by one horse                       $.10
Every score of cattle                       $.25
Every score of sheep                        $.12
Every score of hogs                         $.12
Every cart or wagon                         $.18
Every horse and rider                       $.06
Every tied horse                            $.06
Every person on foot                        $.02
Persons going to church                     FREE

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