Covered Bridges of Washington County

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Stream          Cross Creek
Truss Type      Kingpost
Length          35 ft.
Width           13 ft.
Builder         unknown
Year            1889
Ownership       County


As one of only three Washington County covered bridges that are being preserved in county park areas, this bridge has full vertical plank siding and a tin-covered gable roof. Compared to other bridges here, it is a rather high structure due, in part, to the heavy steel I beams that have been added to support the deck and the additional siding material that has been used to conceal the steelwork. According to records, the construction of this bridge is dated in 1889. However, there is evidence of the bridge itself that disputes this record. The combination of hewed and sawed timbers indicates that the builders of this bridge might have salvaged timbers from an earlier bridge near this sight. The recorded 1889 date would support this theory because flooding in 1888 washed out many of the area's covered bridges. The most convincing piece of evidence is a pictorial in Caldwell's Centennial Atlas of Washington County published in 1876. A line drawing of the area showed two local covered bridges as its corner borders, proving that there were at least two covered bridges in that immediate area prior to the floods of 1888. The Wilson's Mill Bridge was moved in 1978 to its current location as part of a flood control program.

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