Covered Bridges of Washington County

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Stream          Buffalo Creek
Truss Type      Queenpost
Length          49 ft.
Width           12 ft., 6 in.
Builder         unknown
Year            1915
Ownership       County


This is one of the few Washington County covered bridges not hidden away in a remote area. With vertical plank siding that is painted barn red inside and out, it presents three rectangular windows on each side. The deck has crosswise planking and a tin-covered gable roof. The Queenpost truss structure rests on one concrete abutment and one made of stone-and-mortar extended to form attractive curved wingwalls on the Route 221 end of the bridge. The deck requires no additional reinforcement. The Sawhill is the second of only two covered bridges built in Washington County during World War I. Built partially as a result of the shortage of steel during the war years, this bridge still stands in good condition today.

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