Covered Bridges of Washington County

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Stream          Ten-Mile Creek
Truss Type      Burr
Length          66 feet
Width           15 feet
Builder         Bailey Brothers
Year            1889
Ownership       County


The Bailey Bridge is covered with vertical board siding on both the sides and portals and is painted barn red inside and out. The Bailey has a sheet-metl roof and a deck with crosswise planking. Also, two rectangular windows pierce each of the sidewalls, in addition to the typical narrow lengthwise openings under the eaves. The cut-stone abutments and span of the deck are now supported by steel "I" beams that rest on concrete abutments, poured over the original stone-and-mortar abutments, and a mid-stream concrete pier. The bridge also has stone-and-mortar wingwalls.

Located over Ten-Mile Creek, the Bailey Bridge is the last Burr Truss covered bridge still standing in Washington County. The Burr Truss is an arch-truss that combines great wooden arches with multiple kingpost trusses. The arches tie directly into the bridge's abutment allowing wider streams and rivers to be spanned.

It is said that the Bailey brothers who owned the property the bridge is located on, contracted Daniel Smith to build the bridge in 1889.

An interesting and somewhat disturbing incident occurred at The Bailey on July 23, 1994. Someone drove a truck into the middle of the bridge and set the truck on fire. The bridge was left impassable. The County bridge crew worked to make the bridge passable by repairing the deck. The County place temporary beams on the bridge in 1997 to keep it standing until repair designs were approved by PENNDOT. The Bailey is still in use for vehicular traffic.

The Bailey Bridge is one of the covered bridges participating in the annual Covered Bridge Festival held during the third weekend of September.

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