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Nottingham Township
909 Sugar Run Road
Eighty Four, PA 15330
Phone: 724-348-5622


Organized on July 15, 1781, Nottingham Township was the ninth of the original 13 townships in Washington County. Now covering approximately 20 square miles, the Township boundary was reduced three tunes when portions were annexed to form neighboring townships. The first was in 1792 by Strabane, the next in 1834 by Carroll Township and the last in 1836 by Union Township.

Nottingham Township residents have played an important role in both county and national history. One of the first blacksmith shops in the County was built by Hugh Scott along Mingo Creek. Scott was also one of the commissioners appointed to select a site for the County Courthouse. Many early settlers took part in the Whiskey insurrection of 1794. One of the leaders, Benjamin Parkinson, lived near Kammerer. Other participants included David Hamilton and Andrew Devore, longtime family names from the Township.

Early businesses included a sawmill built by Daniel Williams in 1804 on the Rainey Farm near what is now known as Evanston Heights. Andrew Devore had a saw and grist mill on his farm on Mingo Creek. Charles Farquar started a tannery in 1827 and another one followed in 1830, built by Adam Devore. The Ginger Hill Inn dates back to 1794. The Ginger Hill Grange was established in 1912 and continues its activities today.

In 1798, a schoolhouse was built on Andrew Devore's farm. Forgee Johnson taught at the school after teaching at various locations within the Township prior to that Seven other schools followed, including Munntown, Bryant~ Sumney, Henry, Venetia, Ginger Hill and Thomas. In 1964, Nottingham joined with other nearby municipalities to form the Ringgold School District.

The original Township Building was built in 1927 on one acre of land purchased from John McDonald. In 1977, the current Township Building opened its doors. It is located in the center of the Township on 16 acres. Interior remodeling of the building was completed in 2001 to expand and modernize the office area.

The Township has two parks within it border. Mingo Creek County Park is a four mile stretch along the Mingo Creek Valley that covers 2,500 acres of scenic area. In 1991, Nottingham purchased an additional 23 acres from the J. Vance McDonald estate to develop a community park

Although the Township boundary has not changed in 165 years, the rustic charm of this area continues to attract families. From a population of 875 in 1950 to 2,522 in the year 2000, the Township continues to grow while providing a rural and scenic atmosphere to its residents.

Source: Nottingham Township Municipality

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