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McDonald Borough
151 School Street
Washington County, Pennsylvania
Phone: 724-926-8711


Nestled in the beautiful hills of Washington County, McDonald is within twenty minutes of the city of Pittsburgh. Its population of 2,500 residents enjoys beautiful sunsets, serene living, and the advantage of being at the junction of the Montour and Panhandle Trails for nature walks and exercise.

Incorporated as a borough in 1889, McDonald's place in Pennsylvania History dates back to 1775 when John N. McDonald, an Irish immigrant laid claim on the land.

In 1865 the first train passed over the newly-built Panhandle Railroad and a station was established. In 1889-90 oil was struck and McDonald became a boomtown. Oil derricks sprang up everywhere as well as businesses supporting the oil industry. Stately homes were built and the municipality enjoyed every convenience of modern living. Shortly after that the coal industry grew profusely making the town a hub of activity.

Its residents can boast proudly of its friendliness, as well as the success of citizens who made their mark. Famous McDonaldites include songwriter Jay Livingston, who wrote "Buttons And Bows," "Que Sera Sera," and "Silver Bells" to name a few. His brother Alan was president of Capitol Records, created BOZO the Clown, brought the Beatles to America, and wrote and produced cartoons for Warner Brothers and Walt Disney. Mitsie Welch, (Marilyn Cottle), with her husband Ken wrote the Carol Burnett Shows. Most recent McDonald stars include NFL coaches Martin Schottenheimer and Marvin Lewis.

Enjoy your stay in our great town.

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