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9 Memorial Drive
Charleroi, PA 15022
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"Was the sixth of the original townships of this county. Its original bounds were Nottingham on the north of the Monongahela River on the east; Bethlehem township on the south, and Strabane township on the west. Its present limits are Nottingham and Carroll on the north; the Monongahela River, Allen, and Carroll townships on the east; E. and W. Pike Run and .Allen on the south; and Somerset and Nottingham on the west. It is centrally distant from Washington, 17 miles. The population in 1860 was 897, of which 30 were colored. Its greatest length 8 1/2 by 6 miles.

"It contains two stores, seven school-houses, employing 3 male and 4 female teachers, with 267 scholars, 165 male and 102 female; the tuition costing $1.15 cts. per month; amount of tax levied for school purposes, $1050.15 cts.; the State appropriation was $81.90

The male teachers receive monthly, $35.16; the female, $34.75.

"The towns in this township are Jonestown and Ginger Hill. Jonestown is six miles from the Monongahela River, on the State road leading from Canonsburg to Bellvernon [Belle Vernon]; it was laid out by John Jones, in 1828, and has a population of about fifty.

"Ginger Hill is on [now Route 136] the Williamsport and Washington Turnpike, and in the northern part of the township, near the township line.

"There are four churches in this township: The Presbyterian Church on Maple Creek, two miles from Jonestown, founded in 1842. The pulpit was first filled with supplies; Rev. J. W. Kerr was elected its first minister; the ministers who have succeeded him were the Rev. James Carson, Rev. A. Virtue, Rev. Thomas Vaneman, and Rev. W. Hanna.

"The Methodist Episcopal Church is on the State road from Jonestown to Bellvernon, four miles from Jonestown. The church was built in 1849, and has had the successive ministerial labors of the Rev. Warren Long, Rev. T. M. Hudson, Rev. J. G. Sansom, Rev. Geo. W. Cranage, Rev. John Spencer, Rev. David Sharpe, Rev. J. W. Kessler, Rev. Henry Neff, Rev. D. B. Campbell, Rev. J. W. Weaver, Rev. Charles H. Edwards, and Rev. McClure.

"The Methodist Episcopal Church, in the upper end of the township, was erected in 1836, on the road leading from Bentleysville [now Bentleyville] to Monongahela City; it is called Pigeon Creek Methodist Episcopal Church. Its first preacher was the Rev. Samuel E. Babcock; his successor was the Rev. Wm. Tipton.

"The first church built under the direction of the Rev. Mr. Babcock was of brick, 30 by 40 feet, but a new one has been erected about 200 yards from the site of the first one; its dimensions being 42 by 60 feet; 18 feet to the square, with a basement for Sunday school, lecture-room, &c.

"A Disciple Church was established, and a church built in 1866, on the farm of Dutton Shannon, Esq. It is a brick edifice 30 by 40 feet; Rev. Samuel Fry being its pastor.

"The township has one tannery; two grist-mills; one distillery; two manufacturers of sorghum; five saw-mills; one extensive vineyard."

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Source: HISTORY of WASHINGTON COUNTY, From Its First Settlements to the Present Time, second edition, revised and corrected by Alfred Creigh, LL.D., Harrisburg, Pa., B. Singerly, Printer, 1871. Reprinted 1987 Closson Press, Publishers.

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