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1394 East Finley Drive
Claysville, PA 15323
Phone: 724-663-4482


Was formed from the eastern part of Finley township, on the 24th day of December, 1828. Its boundaries are - Donegal and Buffalo on the north, Franklin and Morris on the east, Greene County on the south, and Donegal and West Finley on the west. It is centrally distant from Washington, southwest, fifteen miles. It is drained by the branches of Wheeling Creek. In 1860 its population was 1261. It has eight schools, employing five male and three female teachers, the former receiving $35.80, the latter $33.50 per month, with 300 scholars (180 males and 120 females). Cost of tuition per month $1.07 cents. Total amount of taxes levied for school purposes $1557.04, from the State appropriation $108.42. It has five stores. There are four churches in this township, a Baptist church near Pleasant Grove in the eastern end, a Methodist Episcopal church near school-house No.4, on Mr. Enslow's farm, in the centre, a Presbyterian church near Mrs. Jordan's in the west, and a United Presbyterian church in the southeast on Lockhart's Run near Dr. Simpson's. East Finley has several valuable steam grist and saw mills. Its greatest length is nine miles, breadth four miles.

The Baptist church called Pleasant Grove, in this township, was constituted November 14, 1840, by Elders Isaac Pettet, Simeon Siegfred, and Levi Griffith, with fifty-three members who had been members of Mount Herman church, the old Tenmile Baptist church.

Those who have officiated as pastors are, Elder Levi Griffith from its organization to October, 1847. Rev. Isaac Winn supplied the pulpit for six months, when Rev. Eli C. Town was elected and served to April, 1848. Rev. A. J. Davis served six months, when Rev. John Thomas became the pastor and served until April, 1857. His successor was Elder John Scott, who preached until July, 1857. The church had occasional supplies until February, 1858, when Rev. Job Rossel was chosen pastor and served until 1861, when Rev. John B. Linsked was elected and served until April, 1866. His successor and present pastor was elected May 5, 1866.

T'he following persons have been Deacons of this church at various times since its organization: Messrs. John Tilton, Samuel Kelly, Elliott Patterson, Daniel Tilton, Thomas McKahan, J. Y. Holmes, Josiah Patterson, William McCleary, Joseph Ryan, and Manson Trussel.

Church Clerks from organization, Edward O. Town, Ezra Town, Thomas McKahan, and Robert Kerr. The following persons have been licensed to preach the gospel at official meetings held in this church, viz: Eli C. Town in 1847, Hugh R. Craig and Wm. Scott in 1854, and J. Y. Holmes in 1861. This church has been instrumental in establishing churches at Buffalotown and North Wheeling, West Finley township.

WHEELING U. P. CHURCH was organized August, 1886. Rev. Joseph Shaw was pastor from June 20, 1843, to April 20, 1852. Rev. James C. Murch from September, 1853, to 1859. Rev. James A. McKee from August, 1860, until the present time, with a membership of 75.

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Source: HISTORY of WASHINGTON COUNTY, From Its First Settlements to the Present Time, second edition, revised and corrected by Alfred Creigh, LL.D., Harrisburgh, Pa., B. Singerly, Printer, 1871. Reprinted 1987 Closson Press, Publishers.

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