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36 Water Street, Box 687
Fredericktown, PA 15333
Phone: 724-377-1777


"It is bounded north by East and West Pike Run, east by the Monongahela River, south by Greene County, and west by West Bethlehem. It is centrally distant from Washington eighteen miles, its greatest length, nine miles, breadth, four and a half miles. The National road crosses the river by a bridge in the northeast angle of this township. On this road are Frederickstown and Millsborough, but have been erected into separate boroughs.

"East Bethlehem has five stores, one distillery, and ten schools, employing three male and seven female teachers; the average monthly salary of the former is $36.66, and of the latter $33.14. The number of scholars is four hundred and thirty, of which two hundred and twenty-eight are males, and two hundred and two are females; the cost of tuition per month, $1.18 per scholar; amount levied for school purposes, $1792.39; received from the State appropriation, $115.89. Population in 1860, white, 1825; colored, 37, amounting to 1862.

"August 25th, 1843, an alteration was made and confirmed by the court on the division line between West Pike Run and East Bethlehem townships.

"November 30th, 1848, the court, upon petition and hearing the report of viewers, attached all that part of East Bethlehem to East Pike Run except West Brownsville, which is north of the National road. At the August term, 1861, the line between East and West Bethlehem was changed, so as to include Thomas Martindale in East Bethlehem."

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Source: HISTORY of WASHINGTON COUNTY, From Its First Settlements to the Present Time, second edition, revised and corrected by Alfred Creigh, LL.D., Harrisburg, Pa., B. Singerly, Printer, 1871. Reprinted 1987 Closson Press, Publishers.

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