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334-338 Fallowfield Avenue
Charleroi, PA 15022
Phone: 724-483-6011

from the Charleroi Historical Society

Charleroi - "Hometown of Governor John Kinley Tener - 1911-1915: An American Baseball Legend" was also noted as a community that burst upon the Pittsburgh regional scene in 1889-90 around the glass industry on the Monongahela River "like Magic". Its pre-history is closely affiliated with the pioneer and settler families of Fallowfield Township - traced clear back into the early- to mid-1700s. Later the Charleroi Land Company, led by Dr. A. F. Chandler, his brother-in-law, Wm. Hartupee, (both married to McKee glass baron daughters), and James McKean, son of one of the early settler farm owners upon whose land Charleroi resides on - among others. On the cold, blustery morning of March 4, 1890 - lots sold in a frenzy the likes that town promoter, M. J. Alexander, "never saw before". In November of that same year, Dr. Chandler suddenly died and this is when J. K. Tener was called to town and he began his rise to power in Charleroi, the region and eventually throughout the state of Pennsylvania. The reason the town was given the name of Charleroi (actually pronounced "Char-la-wa"), a French-Belgian city in Belgium, was because Dr. Chandler had visited that renowned glass city and implored many hard-pressed glass experts, technicians and workers to come to America and begin anew - hence the name came in honor of the new arrivals. Later, Charleroi became the entertainment and retail "hub" of the Mon Valley for many, many years. The Charleroi Area Historical Society has set up a Genealogy & History Research Center at the J. K. Tener Library and they are working diligently toward completing the process to obtain official status on the National Register of Historic Places due to many of its architecture still standing as a reflection of that earlier "era" in which Governor Tener prominently walked and helped build a rapidly growing town with his many collegues. The citizens who reside in Charleroi are working hard toward generating a new industry: River Heritage Tourism. From utilizing this rich history and incremental "affordable steps to success" they hope help themselves toward obtaining "New Beginnings" that will help the whole community in ways that all who reside within may benefit from. More information may be found by visiting website: or calling the Center at 724-483-2030, Accumulation for information for Walking & Driving Brochure Tours of the Charleroi School District Area are in process. Help is solicited from all residents in its sister area.

Charleroi Area Historical Society
Nikki A. C. Sheppick, Secretary of the Board of Directors

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