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130 Baird Street
Monongahela, PA 15063
Phone: 724-483-7330


Was formed on September 30, 1834, from Nottingham and Fallowfield. It was originally named by the viewers Knox township, but the court changed it to Carroll.

Its boundaries are the Monongahela River and Union township on the north, the Monongahela River on the east, Fallowfield and Monongahela River on the south, and Nottingham and Fallowfield on the west. It is centrally distant from Washington nineteen miles. In 1860 its population was 1907, of which 74 were colored. It has five stores, one confectionery, nine schools, with two male and seven female teachers, their pay being $35 per month, with 486 scholars, 267 males and 219 females, cost of tuition per month being 79 cents; amount levied for school tax purposes, $1480.92; State appropriation, $132.60; greatest length eight miles, breadth three miles.

Its towns are Monongahela City (formerly Parkinson's Ferry, but subsequently called Williamsport); Columbia, population 200, on the Monongahela River. Monongahela City being a borough, its history will be given after the villages.

September 12, 1814. Charles DeHass laid out the town of Columbia this day, on the farm of Mr. Hoover, four miles above Wi!liamsport. The proprietor, to induce people to purchase lots, says, it is in contemplation to form a new county, and from its being so very central in the contemplated county, he has laid off the town with large lots, and wide streets and alleys, with public grounds for a church, academy, burying-ground, public buildings, &c. Columbia is in a deep bend of the river, twenty-one miles distant from Washington.

There are the remains of an old Presbyterian church on the farm of William Crawford, now owned by John Wilson, Esq. It was built about 1785, and additions were made to it until it had sixteen corners; the Rev. Mr. Ralston occupied the pulpit. The burying ground is used by the old citizens. The remains of this church are three miles from Monongahela City, and close to the township line which separates Carrol and Fallowfield.

The Horseshoe Baptist Church is two miles from Monongahela City, erected in 1790. The first church was built of logs, but the present one is brick. Rev. Mr. Hargrave is the present pastor.

This township contains two grist-mills, one paper mill, and five collieries.

Ginger Hill Lutheran Church was erected in 1847; built of brick; of modern style; Rev. Mr. Waters, Rev. Mr. Emory, Rev. Mr. Melhom, Rev. A. Wylie, Rev. Mr. Ryder were the pastors.

There is an[sic] United Brethren Church near the tollgate, in which the different denominations occasionally preach, with no settled pastor.

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Source: HISTORY of WASHINGTON COUNTY, From Its First Settlements to the Present Time, second edition, revised and corrected by Alfred Creigh, LL.D., Harrisburgh, Pa., B. Singerly, Printer, 1871. Reprinted 1987 Closson Press, Publishers.

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