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900 Main Street
Bentleyville, PA 15314
Phone: 724-239-2112


Bentleyville Borough was named for its founder, Shesbazzar Bentley, Jr. Two years after his death in 1868, Bentleyville became a Borough.

In 1871 Bentleyville had just thirty-six houses, three stores, one schoolhouse, a literary society, a grist and saw mill and one steam tannery.

In the early 1900s the town fathers were discussing and taking action on such things as lighting the town, grading Main Street and giving taxpayers a chance to work out taxes. Also on the agenda were items to have signs posted on telephone poles and trees removed at once, setting the wages for the road work at $l.50 a day and $0.50 for each arrest made by police.

In 1905, J. G. McCormick presented council a plan of lots known as the McCornick addition.

In 1906 the First National Bank was chartered.

In 1907 a Philadelphia Company, now Equitable Gas, was given the right-of-way to lay and maintain lines of pipe for gas.

In 1910 an agreement was entered into between the Independent Telephone Company and the Maple Creek Telephone Company. Each company would construct pole lines thru their territory in order to join the two exchanges with a Bentleyville switchboard.

In 1921 Bentleyville Fire Department was formed.

In 1960 Bentleyville won a ballpark in Kraft's $20,000 Ball Park Contest which is still known as Carmel Park.

Bentleyville Borough has a population of 2,502 according to the 2000 U.S. Census.

The Children of Bentleyville are educated at the Bentworth School District. Bentworth School District is also comprised of the Municipalities of Ellsworth, Cokeburg, North Bethlehem Township and Somerset Township.

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